We're here to help your business

through CognitiveMind's team coaching or mentoring Growth and Development Programme


For companies and/or departments seeking to take performance and output to the next level CognitiveMind offers a solution focused and challenging Growth and Development Programme centred around delivering against agreed team performance aspirations and goals. It offers an exciting opportunity for all business owners, leaders, and managers of departmental teams to focus on their own personal, professional, and business goals.

Monthly coaching sessions can be scheduled and held at either company premises or off-site and will be led by an accredited and IRCM registered coach. The programme is planned across a 12 month period and is underpinned by Experiential Learning principles which focuses on team member’s growth as they work step-by-step through their personal or departmental goals.

This particular programme is not a formal management or skills training programme but is focussed on team members personal and professional growth and development. As such it is designed to be delivered to teams of no more than 6 people.


Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with CognitiveMind is in English.