We’re here to help your business

through CognitiveMind’s one-2-one Growth and Development Programme


CognitiveMind offers a fully adaptable, challenging and individualised one-2-one coaching solution and extends an invitation to all SME business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs who seek to take not only their business, but themselves personally, to the next level and beyond.

Centred on the transformative CognitiveMind Growth and Development Programme individuals are helped to identify, clarify, and develop their personal and business aspirations and goals. This particular programme is underpinned by Experiential Learning which focuses on a person’s growth as they work step-by-step through their goal or goals.

Meetings with their coach, or mentor, are usually scheduled on a monthly basis but can be more frequent if agreed. The one-2-one solutions programme is designed to run for 12 months but may be extended dependant on the successful achievement of their goals.

These one-2-one coaching sessions will be delivered either by Barbara J. Cormack, co-founder of CognitiveMind and a world-renowned Master Coach, or a similarly qualified, accredited and IRCM registered coach.


Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with CognitiveMind is in English.