CognitiveMind is the provider of a range of transformational Growth and Development coaching and mentoring solutions for individuals and SME business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs engaged in founding, owning, leading, and managing their companies, and their teams.


CognitiveMind offers SME business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams the opportunity to take time out from their busy schedule to focus on their company’s or department’s growth and development.

CognitiveMind helps individuals and teams to identify, clarify and develop aspirations and goals by working with a coach and/or mentor, and then leading to finding practical solutions to strategic and operational challenges, to enhancing knowledge, to developing skills, and ultimately to empowering themselves to grow the value of their company or department.

This Growth and Development solutions programme is delivered through either One-2-One coaching and/or mentoring sessions (virtual or on-site), or on-site team coaching sessions.

In either case the participants meet monthly with their coach or mentor to work through specific planned growth initiatives, alternative operational strategies, personal and professional development programmes, or other forward-looking actions.

CognitiveMind offers a range of benefits, including:
~ time and space to focus on growth and development
~ clarity and goal setting
~ out of the box thinking
~ feedback, insight, and perspective
~ focused goal achievement
~ mentor’s guidance and advice
~ accountability to yourself with support
~ opportunities to explore the bigger picture
~ confidence boosting and stress reduction
~ non-judgemental partnership with a coach or mentor
~ continuous improvement

CognitiveMind’s passion is to support SME growth and development through this unique opportunity for business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams to elevate performance, and to provide a safe and trusted space for personal and professional development through confidential and open business discussions, coaching, mentoring, advice and guidance.

Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with CognitiveMind is in English.